Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment

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Services include but are not limited to...

* Assessment and Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders 
* Assessment for Substance Use Disorders and Addictions 
* Alcohol and Drug Use Testing 
* Dual Diagnosis Residential Inpatient Treatment (RT)
* Residential Inpatient
* Outpatient Treatment / Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
* Medical and Psychiatric Referrals 
* Psychological Testing 
* Medication Management 
* Individualized Treatment Planning 
* Individual and Group Counseling 
* Family Intervention 
* Psychoeducational Groups 
* Alcohol and Other Drug Education 
* Crisis Intervention 
* Case Management 
* Couples Therapy 
* Vocational Training 
* Life/Recovery Coaching 
* Community-based Support Groups (AA, NA) 
* Transition and Discharge Planning 
* After-care 
* Sober Living Homes 
* Pre- and Deferred Sentencing (Court approval needed)
* Proposition 36 Exoneration (Court approval needed)
* PC 1000 Exoneration (Court approval needed)

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Drug Addiction Treatment​

At Full Circle Recovery (FCR), we're dedicated to ensuring ​you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that we're here to help. 

For approximately twenty years, Full Circle Recovery (FCR) has been a successful drug rehab center located in Southern California. Drug use disorders, co-occurring disorders, relapse prevention, Christian 12 Step program and Traditional 12 Step program has been our area of expertise thus far, in which, men have greatly benefited. As a CARF accredited program we are committed to the highest level of care to each client so that you or your loved one may feel safe and get the help needed.
FCR offers Residential Inpatient (RT) as well as Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services to those in need. We are a faith-based program in that all team members, whether staff or volunteer, are practicing Christians which have credible professions of faith and work out their faith by caring for those in need. This does not mean that those whom we serve, struggling with drugs and alcohol, by any means need to be Christian. FCR offers two tracks of treatment, Christian and traditional. Our non-denominational Christian track provides nouthetic counseling, or Christ-centered Biblical counseling, as well as outside church services and Christian 12-step meetings/support groups. Our traditional program focuses on 12-step recovery and evidence-based treatment principles.

Our drug addiction treatment dynamics are aimed to create a pathway from the culture of addiction into the culture of recovery, and to co-facilitate with our clients' character transformation that sustains the recovery process. In-so-doing, FCR offers Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) to those who suffer from a mild substance-use disorder. For those who need extra help and are suffering from a moderate to severe substance-use disorder, FCR offers Residential Inpatient (RT) ranging anywhere from 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, to 6 month increments. Upon discharge, FCR offers clients a smooth and seamless transition into society with its sober living option.

Finally, obscured by addiction, FCR works diligently to uncover, discover, discard, and replace old habits with regenerating life skills. FCR facilitates transformation effectively in its clients through evidence-based counseling and faith based principles. Our clients experience this day-to-day through lectures, process groups, small groups and alike. The healing of the underlying causes of addiction is made possible by unearthing the authentic self in each client. We serve our clients with passion and power; we do this professionally, personally, and practically - because... we believe in recovery for everyone.